Hi, I am Jennifer.

I am a photographer from the upper left corner in the US.

I'm a reader, a maker, a storyteller, a wife, and a mother of 3 (plus my neighbor's cat, whom we inherited.)

I'm an order loving, first-born chemistry major who grew up in a "don't mix the play dough colors" household. Amusingly, I find myself raising children who think glitter is a condiment, and lines are there to show you where to cross.

I believe there is beauty in the mundane, the chaotic, the polished and the posed. My favorite collections of photos are the ones that show all of it, and don't polish away all the interesting edges.

I am primarily a stock photographer, but fundraising sessions, daily life, family and friends make their way in front of my lense.

My current goal is to create images that are underrepresented in traditional stock portfolios.