A gap in senior photography

Chatting with a local mom, I realized there is a bit of a gap in the Senior photography world. We have a county full of amazing photographers who provide their clients with an epic senior experience, but there are a few students who, for one reason or another, just aren't in for the full senior session.

Whether due to budget, comfort in front of a camera, or you just hate your school photo--options are few. Find a friend to take a photo ( perfectly fine for some) or go without and use the school photo for the yearbook.

I decided to see if I could provide a solid mini-senior gallery in 10-15 minutes, so we headed out to try. I'd say it was a success. We had so much fun, we tried a second location to see if we could repeat it.

More images can be purchased after the gallery is received--a great choice for those who just can't tolerate being in front of the camera, but love their photos.

But no further purchase is required-- a fit for those on a tight budget who still want just a couple great photos for yearbook family.

Click links below to see more from this trial run and get more details, OR click the link to sign up for a session Nov 4!