Mudcats Media Day(s) 2024!!! --Select teams

April 20/21 -- Jett Movement Academy 2227 Queen St. #3.


11:30 10U

1:30 13U (Archie)

3:30 12U

Sunday APRIL 21

9:15am 9U--Time Adjusted for Game Conflict

11:30am 13U Justus

2:00pm 14U

4:00pm 11U

5:30 Make-ups for 10U chess kids

Hey--I'm Jennifer Bogle and I'm so excited to be your photographer for the 2024 Season.

We're going epic this year--

  • Composite team banners for all the teams to hang in the dugout (players individually photographed and composited)
  • Individuals with player name and number
  • Some dramatic individual photos for players to choose from.

Team photos and individuals will be available for purchase in an online gallery via Photoday and will ship directly to your house.

Many thanks to Jett Movement Academy for providing the space to create these great photos

Location link and address are below!

What to do . . .

Show up Game Ready

Pease come in FULL UNIFORM (Whichever uniform your team decided on) with bat, glove and either turf shoes or CLEAN CLEATS.

Bring your favorite bat and glove.
Catchers, bring your gear!

step one

get your game face on

Everyone will be photographed INDIVIDUALLY. Teams are added together in photoshop.

(Each player has 5-7 minutes in front of the camera then can leave--there won't be a lot of room to hang out and parking is limited.)


Subscribe & order

Parents will receive a Photoday link on the day of pictures. & notified when photos are ready.

Galleries should be ready within 3 weeks

step three

what if I can't make my team time?

Please try VERY hard to make your team time--if you absolutely can't, message me at

Team sponsor banners will be created within a week of Media Day and should be printed and ready to hang in the dugout within 10 days of Media Day.

I may be able to offer some individual make-ups at a later time, but banner team pics will be created from the initial Media Day weekend photos.